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Chainsaws Buying Guide

When buying a chainsaw, your decision will be based on how often you use it, where you use it, and what you use it for.

Lightweight, Or Heavy Duty?

Weigh up what you need your chainsaw for. Jobs around the home, such as cutting up small branches, will only require a model giving you 30-40cc of power. Step up from that to around 40-60cc for things like cutting firewood, but expect extra weight in the machine as well. People making a living using chainsaws, such as foresters, would use something up to 120cc.

Better Safe Than Sorry

Regardless of its power output, a chainsaw must be treated with respect. Safety features to look out for include chain brakes, safety interlock which prevents accidental activation of the throttle, and hand guards.

Weight And Balance

Choosing a well-balanced chainsaw that is not too heavy is another safety consideration. Being able to keep control of the chainsaw is hugely important, and the weight and balance of the machine will help you do this.

Petrol For More Power

Petrol chainsaws will give you the power you need for larger jobs. However, for smaller jobs around the home, check out battery-powered chainsaws for less noise and vibrations, and greater comfort.

Keeping It Lubricated

A large part of your chainsaw's smooth performance has to do with a well-lubricated bar as the chain passes over it. Look for a machine that handles this for you through an automatic lubrication system. It gives you one less thing to worry about, and reduces oil consumption when the chainsaw is idling.

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