Celestron NexStar Evolution 6in Reviews

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Manufacturer: Celestron
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Nexstar Evolution 6 Telescope

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Verdict: Something strange and wonderful happens when we look into the night sky. It makes us feel so tiny, but at the same time, it makes us surprisingly powerful. Few experiences intensify this emotion like observing through a first-class telescope.
5 years ago

Dream telescope !

Verdict: This telescope is a dream come true, what took me ages to find in my old telescope takes seconds in this and it auto tracks the object for you, very easy to use and gives breath taking views, I used my daughters ipad but works well with my iphone 5 as well to control it.
4 years ago

OK for the price

Verdict: All lenses work OK but I have tried a Celestron X-CEL LX 9mm with my Celestron Omni 120mm and there is no comparison for viewing pleasure. The kit does supply a lot of versatility for a reasonable price.
2 years ago

Celestron NexStar Evolution 6in

Verdict: I use this scope most every night I can in light pollution infested NYC suburbs of NJ. Its really a great scope. Optics are very good. You can pay more for the HD Edge stuff but for visual this scope is fantastic. The 9.25 aperture gives you almost a third more scope than the 8'.
4 years ago
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