Casio FX-9750GII Reviews

Casio FX-9750GII
$126.99 - $240.53 from 8 retailers
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Great calculator

Verdict: It's a great cheap replacement for the TI calculators. It has all the same features and in some ways it's better, like having a menu of all the tools rather than having to memorize where everything is.

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4 months ago

Good Product

Verdict: I bought this as it was recommended by my sons college. It was expensive but worth the money. My son says it's a brilliant calculator with more functions than he'll probably ever need!

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5 months ago

Great value

Verdict: Great product for the price. I am glad I bought it! There were so many other calculators that are overpriced and we just couldn't afford it Office Depot make sure that I got a good graphing calculator for a good price.

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7 months ago

Really disappointed.

Verdict: Randomly stopped working after two months of use. Tried the restart button and new batteries, but nothing helped. Really disappointed.

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1 year ago

Works Well

Verdict: Great calculator for school or personal use. Has all the functions every high school student needs and is reasonably priced. Good deal for the money.
1 year ago

its good product

Verdict: its a good product. here are a few cons with this calculator, but due to the price, I will not deduct a star for them. For one, the print on the screen is not as pretty as a Ti and the calculation speed for large calculations may be a tad slower than an 84.
4 years ago

Really good product. Worth the money!

Verdict: Looked brand new without any damage and worked like a new calculator. I bought it because I needed this calculator for school. I don't dislike anything about this product.
6 years ago

" A MUST HAVE!!!! "

Verdict: As a student in high school, math classes require you to obtain a calculator, specifically a graphing calculator. It works fantastically and I might even venture to say that it works better than the Texas instrument Graphing Calculators.
7 years ago

This product is worth the price

Pros: Easy to Use, Quality Construction, Reliable, Simple Setup, No problems
Cons: none
Verdict: Great product. Has a a lot of built in features and functions. Features a 64 KB ram and financial calculation functions. Has a high contrast display. Can be used for multiple subjects. Has a lower price than its competition. Great product for it's price.

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8 years ago

A+ product [...] by beachaudio

Verdict: This product is excellent.I would highly recommend both the product and this company.
9 years ago
Beach Audio

"calculating success!"

Pros: Thoroughly useful if you are studying maths
Cons: It is a little pricey
Verdict: The Casio fx-9750GII is one of the newest releases in the graphical calculator range from casio, as you would expect from such a large brand its almost faultless! The calculator comes standard with a 3 year warrantee which is helpful considering the price!
9 years ago

Great Calculator for the Price.

Verdict: As with most Casio calculators this one is very easy to use. I rarely have to crack the book to figure out a function. Most of the features are setup in a way that is logical without strange terms or symbols to represent a function.

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10 years ago
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