Cartier Pasha EDT 50ml Reviews

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Cartier Pasha

Verdict: Great product great service!!! Great result... I got it in 4 days wi: a wonderful selection of samples for myself and my partner.
4 years ago

Getting ripped off for a fake

Verdict: People will tell you what the big deal is if it is "fake", which it is. The problem is that it smells nothing like the original, which smells amazing. Also, you can get $20 colognes at Marshalls and TJ Maxx that smell a alot better.
2 years ago

Five Stars

Verdict: Excellent
4 years ago

Cartier Pasha

Verdict: I have to admit I met a guy that wore this cologne and let's just say it drove me insane anytime I was around him. It's just incrediblu amazing coming from a womans perspective.
11 years ago

I like it

Verdict: I like it. And that's all tha matters. So that is why I like it
12 months ago
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