Cartier Declaration Essence Natural EDT 100ml Reviews

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Manufacturer: Cartier
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Declaration Essence Men by Cartier

Verdict: Fragrance review reveals that every man wearing this perfume has always been being asked what perfume he has. Simply because men and women were all impressed and in love on the scent. Some women even find their men so sexy wearing this perfume. You can be one of them.
6 years ago

I can't tell how much am satsfied by this colonge

Verdict: Every body will know when you arrive to the place you are going to
Pros: Clean & Fresh, Draws Compliments, Great Smell, Great Value, Sensual
3 years ago

not good and not masculine

Verdict: Heavy sandalwood smell... not good and not masculine.
1 year ago


Verdict: Excellent subtle smell that most people find it attractive and sensual. It stays on you more than 24hours and in your clothes for days. Lots of my friends find the smell very nice and like it anytime i wear it.
6 years ago

A Fresh Smile

Verdict: It opens up with a sudden citrus note running ahead of everything. One may hardly have a moment to start thinking: "Ah, another boring summer fresh.. ". When a sudden realization of a complex balance arises. Woodsy and Spicy elements were held tightly together by the citrus and brought into light.
6 years ago

top top the bast

Verdict: i pot avre day
Pros: Great Smell
Cons: Pricey / Poor Value
3 years ago

good buy

Verdict: was a gift item, the person seems to like it
1 year ago

Cartier Declaration Essence

Verdict: am really confused....want your opinion on this..i find this stuff great...but still u rate this... u people have great
11 years ago
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