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Canon 10x42 L IS WP

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Verdict: Buy antabuse from trusted pharmacy, [caption id="attachment_1397" align="alignright" width="280" caption="Canon 10X42 IS, Model: 0155B002"][/caption]Experience unmatched image quality and image stabilizing with the new Canon 10 x 42 L IS WP image stabilized binoculars (0155B002).
11 years ago

The best binos in the World!

Verdict: Had mine a year now. Amazing performance, from the near perfect optics, close short focus to decent true field of view. The stabilisation is a total game changer, the extra detail you see when your instrument is stable is a true eye opener. You see the world in a new light!
2 years ago

Not worth the money

Verdict: Optically not as good as my non stabilised Leica's but I guess the money is in the stabiliser tech rather than the optics despite the "L" designation. The cheap and nasty lens covers don't fit properly, keep falling off, are of poor quality and unworthy of an item with this price tag.
Pros: Stabilisers Work Well
Cons: Bulky, Caps Are Cheap Rubbish, Heavy, Not Worth The Money
4 years ago


Verdict: I have had these for over a year now. I use them at auto races and for hunting. They are a bit heavy, but you cannot beat the clear images. You can hold these in your hands and get a clear image of distant objects.
10 years ago

Let down...... I question these reviews on here.

Verdict: I returned my pair. I expect much better. As hard as I tired, I could not get the focus perfect. Another review said the same thing. Also, to much focus float when image stabalization is activated. The image stabilization does work.
3 years ago

Good qualty... but worth the price?

Verdict: Do you really need this costly binoculars? For something around two hundred, you can get high quality binoculars with IS (Image Stabilizer)
Pros: Yes, top quality. Very very clear, Image Stabilizer quite helpful when your hands are shakey. L series from Canon are always top quality, providing you with images practically as sharp as your own eyes... but cons..
Cons: Cost.. About one grand is a lot for binoculars. Unless you really need this kind of clarity, stick with something around two hundred dollars
12 years ago

Canon IS binoculars are fantastic

Verdict: I purchased these binoculars after conducting much research on binoculars. I have looked through some others of the same magnification and supposed better quality - for the money and with the IS these bins outperformed any other hand held.
Pros: Reliable, Durable, Superior build quality, Easy to use
6 years ago

Quality System

Verdict: Cannon's Image Stabilization system is noticably superior to Nikons. I can not tell the difference in the with Zeiss systems.-Zeiss is slightly more quite but bulkier. Image Stabilization technology is at it's limits at around 20x; without making them too big to carry.
Pros: Detailed image, Quality Lenses, Strong Construction, Waterproof, Works Well With Glasses
7 years ago

Good Service, great binoculars

Verdict: The binoculars arrived when I was told they would and were exactly what I was hoping for. There was a personal follow up from a SMIFU representative making sure that the goods had been delivered.
8 years ago

The clearest view from any binoculars I have ever used.

Verdict: Last weekend my wife said, "These binoculars are worth every penny you paid for them" as she was watching wildlife out the living room window. Before I bought the "L" glass Canon binoculars, I went to Mike's Camera in Boulder, CO and compared the Canon 10X30 and 15X50 non-L versions.
7 years ago

Great Product

Verdict: After reading countless reviews it came down to these or the Swarvorski 10 x 42 I had the opportunity to look through the Swarvoski's and they were absolutely stunning the only problem being the lack of image stabilising. i had no opportunity to try the Canon's, no one seemed to stock them locally.
7 years ago

Canon 10x42

Verdict: This is excelent product, but it seems Profecional level item or luxery level, so it is kind of pricy for regular family usage - anyway I like it, but it is too expensive for me Canon 10x42 L Image Stabilization Waterproof Binoculars
10 years ago

Five Stars

Verdict: Gives an awesome magnification it's worth spending money on
3 years ago

Would Rate 5 Stars if Repair Weren't Needed

Verdict: The 10x42 IS binoculars are very nice and provide a sharp image which is perfect for bird watching and other uses. They are a bit on the heavy side but are still better for overall use than the comparable 12x36 IS binoculars that these are replacing.
2 years ago

Easy to get spoiled

Verdict: It is easy to get spoiled with image stabilization for binoculars. I chose the 10x42 L over the 15 or 18x50's because I wanted the largest aperture/power that I could still hand-hold if the batteries died.
1 year ago

Canon 10x42 L IS WP

Verdict: Yes these are larger, bulkier and heavier than a conventional binocular but no other binocular type gives you the ability to see incredible detail by eliminating shake. I have a couple dozen binoculars from cheap to Leica and these totally obsolete them all.
4 years ago
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