Breville BOV800

Breville BOV800
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Product Description

The Breville BOV800 Benchtop Oven provides the tools you need to cook the evening dinner. Whether you are baking pies, making cookies, or cooking Sunday dinner, the Breville BOV800 Benchtop Oven gets the job done. You can get started by selecting the program you want to use and altering it to your taste. The oven is 22 litres and provides enough room to cook for the entire family. Breville delivers all the features that you could dream of.

The Breville BOV800 Benchtop Oven features a non-stick coating similar to a frying pan. On top of that, it does not take a lot of time to clean. There are different settings to meet your every need. The settings are bake, roast, toast, crumpet, reheat, cookies, and pizza. The unit measures 18-1/2 X 16-1/4 X 11-1/4 inches.

With this unit, there is a fan that helps move air inside the oven. The result is an improved cooking process since the cold air has been removed. This oven is innovative and was built to improve the overall user experience. All the new features are perfect for your every need.

The Breville BOV800 Benchtop Oven comes with a two year warranty. Enjoy this 1800-watt convection toaster oven with 0.8-cubic-foot nonstick interior. The control panel is user friendly and easy to see.

With built in safety features, you never have to worry about owning the Breville BOV800 Benchtop Oven. The goal is to ensure that everyone is safe and that no one burns themselves.

This oven comes with Element IQ that automatically adjusts power. Plus it offers a fast pre heat. Not to mention that there are three rack positions. There is also an auto eject rack.

The Breville BOV800 Benchtop Oven is truly amazing. It looks great and gets the job done. Stylish and bold, it is the perfect addition to the modern kitchen. It comes with a 13 inch enamel baking pan. You will want to add it today. It was built for the modern family and will help you prepare dinner every night. The results are out of this world. The Breville BOV800 Benchtop Oven provides every day convenience.

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    22L L
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    16 October 2009