Breville BBM100

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Breville The Bakers Oven BBM100WHT
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Breville BBM100WHT Baker's Oven Breadmaker
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Product Description

The Breville BBM100 Bread Maker allows anyone to wake up to fresh bread in the morning. It can produce a variety of loaf sizes. Users can select one of 23 different prograsm including rapid bake, multigrain, gluten free, and many more. The best part is that you can wake up to freshly baked bread with the pre-set timer. Who doesn't love hot fresh bread with their coffee in the morning!

This unit allows you to select either a 750g or 1kg loaf, and there are 3 crust colour settings for improved flexibility. There is a 13-hour pre-set timer that will delivers fresh bread while you are sleeping.

Bread making is really popular. With the Breville BBM100, you can make fresh bread from your own home. The best part is that you don't have to waste a lot of time doing so.

With this bread maker, you will always know which ingredients go into your bread. That way, you can insure that only natural ingredients are used. Plus, you can make bread with less salt, which is often high in store bought bread. Plus, you can add fruit, cinnamon, and just about anything else to your bread. The Breville BBM 100 is perfect for creative individuals who like specialty bread.

Not everyone has the time to mix, rise, prove, knead again, and wait for the bread to be ready. That is why the Breville is such a great tool. First, it helps remove human error from the process. Additionally, it helps to save time, and finally it leaves you with fresh bread in the morning. This bread maker is the one tool that your home is missing. It is convenient and easy to keep clean.

The Breville BBM100 Bread Maker has a lot to offer. It is well build and will last a long time. Plus it comes with more features than any other bread maker. This is one tool that is hard to beat. No home is complete without the Breville BBM100 Bread Maker. Single working professionals love it, since it delivers fresh, healthy bread without all the hassle.

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1 year ago

Died after two years of use.

This bread maker was great and did everything great. We used it most days to make bread. However after two years of use it wouldn’t cook, so we took it into a electrical show and they said that the thermal control was dead and they couldn’t get another one so we now have to buy another bread maker. I am a bit disappointed with it as the last bread maker that I had lasted 15 years, we made thousands of loaves of bread with it and it was a warehouse branded bread maker. I though that by buying this brand that it would be as good as the warehouse one but I was wrong.

Product Specifications


  • Capacity
    1.00 kg
  • Power consumption
    650 W


  • Number programmes
    23 pc

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