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Bose SoundLink Around-Ear II
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Bose SoundLink Around-Ear Wireless II

Pros: Well-balanced sound quality, Truly portable, Long battery life, Very comfortable
Cons: Bluetooth audio can't quite match non-Bluetooth headphones
Verdict: The Bose SoundLink Around-Ear Wireless II is the most well rounded Bluetooth headphone, experts say -- it delivers ultimate comfort, long 15-hour battery life and well-balanced sound.

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1 year ago

Bose SoundLink Around-Ear Wireless Headphones II Review

Pros: * Good build, * Comfortable, * Great sound quality, * Wireless with NFC, * Good battery life
Cons: * Pricey, * Bass could use more power
Verdict: A couple of years ago, we reviewed the Bose SoundLink On-Ear Bluetooth – a wireless headphone capable of producing great sounds in a small package. Now imagine that in a bigger body with upgraded audio technology. Well, that's what we think of the Bose SoundLink Around-Ear Wireless Headphones II .

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3 years ago
Verdict: The Bose SoundLink Around-Ear Wireless Headphones II Review deliver clean and crisp sound, but the asking price gives you plenty of scope to shop around. Bose sells itself as a premium brand, and as such it should be no shock that the Bose SoundLink Around-Ear Wireless Headphones II attract a...

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3 years ago

Bose SoundLink Around-Ear Wireless Headphone 2 Review

Pros: Light and comfortable, good for extended use, Very pleasant to listen to, No unsightly dongle required for Bluetooth, unlike previous model
Cons: Can start to feel a little warm over time, ActiveEQ doesn't make for the most neutral sound
Verdict: The Bose SoundLink Around-Ear Wireless Headphone II is comfortable and sounds excellent, but if you don't like Bose headphones already, these won't change your mind.

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3 years ago

Bose SoundLink Around-Ear Wireless Headphones II

Pros: The SoundLink Around-Ear Wireless Headphone II is very comfortable to wear, sounds excellent for a Bluetooth headphone, and offers good battery life (15 hours). It also works well as a headset for phone calls, its buttons are easy to operate by feel, and a nice carrying case is included
Cons: Somewhat expensive; not the best option for those who like their music loud and bass-heavy
Verdict: What's the best-sounding wireless headphone available today? That's a tough question to answer, but Bose is staking its claim on the title with its new SoundLink Around-Ear Wireless Headphone II, which comes in black or white for $280, £240 or AU$379.

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3 years ago

Bose SoundLink Around-Ear II

Pros: Solid audio performance with rich bass and bright highs. Incredibly comfortable. Includes a cable for passive, wired listening. Multipoint functionality allows you to pair two devices at once
Cons: DSP sculpts audio-not for purists. Cable lacks inline remote control
Verdict: Bose may be king of the mountain when it comes to noise-canceling headphones, but the company has yet to extend the unrivaled success of its QuietComfort line into the wireless headphone realm.

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3 years ago
PC Magazine
Pros: clean and balanced audio, no distortion
Cons: not for those who like bass heavy audio, expensive
Verdict: If you are looking for a great well rounded audio, a great build quality that's lightweight then Soundlink II are a great choice and will prove to be a great investment.

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4 years ago
PC Quest

Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Mobile Speaker II

Verdict: Bose's latest Bluetooth speaker, SoundLink Bluetooth Mobile Speaker II ($300-$350) is an updated edition of its 2011 SoundLink Wireless Mobile Speaker. As is often the case when Bose comes out with a new product in the same family, you'll be hard-pressed to find any major physical differences from...

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5 years ago

Bose SoundLink II Mobile Bluetooth Speaker Review

Verdict: The Bose SoundLink II mobile Bluetooth speaker sounds very good, is extremely easy to use and feels substantial with quality buttons. We tested the unit with the black finish and dark nylon gray cover. It's an elegant design that is rugged enough to pack in a suitcase for trips.

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6 years ago

Nice product but not for TV use

Verdict: Purchased mainly for connection to a new LG OLED and for conference calls at work. Sadly although connectivity and audio quality was fine, the excessive audio lag on TV use was unacceptable. Conference calls via PC didn't work well at all, other attendees complained about very muffled audio.

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1 month ago

These are a great product so far.

Verdict: These where a present for my partner that she only just got for Christmas so I can't speak for battery life or durability. However the sound quality is amazing, they look great on her and so far a few hours listening has not put a dent in the battery so they seem a great product.

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1 month ago

Bose® SoundLink® Around-Ear Wireless Headphone - Black

Verdict: The sound is excellent! They are very comfortable! I can wear them for hours! I bought them for the Bluetooth capability and they work perfectly with my iPad!

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2 months ago

Reliable and great sound

Verdict: I received the Bose AE2 SoundLink headphones as a gift, and I have been using them daily for about 10 months (paired with my phone and laptop (MacBook Air)). Reliability and performance has been excellent (zero malfunctions with wireless functioning) and I have been very satisfied with the sound...
5 months ago

Very good ear padding!

Verdict: I've had a lot of Bose headphones in the past but the Bose Soundlink is very good sound quality and the ear padding is great nice and comfy great for long car trips.

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6 months ago
JB Hi-Fi

Best for the money!

Verdict: These headphones have excellent full-range clear sound, easy blue tooth connection, are very well-made, comfortable, have decent external sound attenuation (despite not being specifically design to do so), are relatively light weight, has very good power longevity, and are nicely designed- clean...
7 months ago
B&H Photo

SoundLink? Around-ear Wireless Headphones II

Verdict: "It is overall a good product. Have some minor connection issue when connecting to my iphone. But this might just me. I've been using BOSE product for a long time, recommond their home theater product, and other compure or bluetooth speakers.

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8 months ago


Pros: Color,,comfort,sound ,and of course quality,,after all there BOSE
Cons: Volume not very high ,,needs a little more
Verdict: These headphones have a great natural sound to them,,not to much bass,,but just right,,nice highs and miss,, Lightweight ,,very comfortable and I have s big head,,pairs easily with Bluetooth,,I will say that the volume is not very high ,, But it's fine,,overall a nice sounding wireless Bluetooth...

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9 months ago
Verdict: These are amazing! I have been wanting wireless headphones for quite some time. I own at least ten Bose products, so choosing Bose for my wireless headphones was easy. I decided to purchase from HSN because they had white, which is the color I wanted, and an easy payment plan. These sound amazing!

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11 months ago

Good sound but way overpriced

Verdict: I was expecting better from headphones that cost $230 but was simply not impressed. My 10 year old monster ear buds sounded almost as good. The Bose headphones are also pretty warm. I could not see wearing these during the summer or during a workout. The sound and functionality is good.

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11 months ago


Verdict: Bought as I wanted a descent pair of wireless headphones and wasn't disappointed at all. Love them really handy in the case case.... Great sound,and Bluetooth works fantastic,absolutely no problems encountered!

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11 months ago

Decent Sound / Marginal Value

Verdict: First I tried the $160 Bose on-ear headphones. Really disappointing with the sound quality of those. Returned and got these for $200. Better sound, more comfortable, but still not the dynamic range and response I was looking for.

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1 year ago
Micro Center

Some of the beat Bluetooth headphones I've ever...

Verdict: Tried the Sony MDR1000X and it sounded a lot less refined vs the Soundlink. The QC35's bass is out of control. This headphone still puts an emphasis on the low end and tho I prefer a neutral can, I found myself not wanting to take these off and POOF, there went four hours.

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1 year ago
Verizon Wireless

Great sound but everyone can hear

Verdict: I have just recieved my new bose headphone after having a sound link speak I felt this was the brand to go with for quality and don't get me wrong the sound quality is amazing and Bluetooth connection is seamless however they have such eternal sound everyone can hear what I am listening to very...

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1 year ago

Very good. Love it

Verdict: Very good. Love it. Although the sound quality is not as good as in a noise cancellation headphones, its very comfortable for long usage with excellent battery.
1 year ago

great sound poor latency

Verdict: i was bought this product as christmas present and i was really happy with the sound quality and how easy it is to use. I have had a great experience when listening to music.
1 year ago

Amazing Product

Verdict: Perfect device for a music lover
2 years ago

Great sound

Verdict: I bought this 3 months ago and I super like it!
2 years ago

Excellent quality sound.

Verdict: I like the sound quality. Sound is a little bit slow if using bluetooth mode. Otherwise, extremely satisfied as the name Bose speaks for itself.
2 years ago
ABT Electronics

BOSE SoundLink Wireless Bluetooth Headphones - Black

Pros: Great
Cons: No bad points
2 years ago

These are very nice.

Pros: Comfortable, Compact, Durable, Good Bass, Good Value, Great Sound, Lightweight, Stylish
Verdict: I recently purchased this product specifically to go along with my Samsung Gear VR. Am impressed with how easy and quick they are to pair up to my S7 edge and they add a sound quality actually better for that experience than my home theater system.
2 years ago

The best headphones I've owned.

Pros: Attractive Design, Compact, Durable, Great feel, Great Sound, Lightweight
Verdict: The connectivity to my iPhone was seamless. The noise cancellation is astounding. The battery life is second to none. Bose makes a great product.
2 years ago
RC Willey
Verdict: Comparing with my Beats wireless studio headphones, I absolutely love these Bose ones more! Very happy about my purchase, and will get a lot of use of it!

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2 years ago

Nice lightweight headphones

Verdict: Initially I was a little underwhelmed when compared to the pair of headphones I already had. However, upon further use I realized they do in fact sound very good. The battery life is great, and I love how light-weight they are.
2 years ago

If you wear glasses, make sure to try these on in a store first

Pros: - easy to connect to devices - sound is balanced and clear
Cons: - immediately noticed discomfort behind the ears because I wear glasses - the foam cups go behind the ears and press up against the end of the temples of my glasses
Verdict: returned these because of the discomfort, but I could 'hear' why the reviews are otherwise so good for these headphones.

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3 years ago

Recommended Bluetooth headphone

Verdict: Had a wired SOL, and finally got tired of the wires. Got this Headphone (Bose) and what a difference it made. Comfy, good bass and without any sound call distortion that I wanted most for those long phone calls. This is a keeper. For those that love music and calls, this unit is very good

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3 years ago
Apple Store
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