Bosch WAN22120AU

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Manufacturer: Bosch
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The Bosch WAN22120AU is a front-loading, 7.5-kilogram washing machine that is ideal for family homes, or for people wanting a little peace and quiet, or even allergy sufferers!

Savour the silence

One of the most popular features of the Bosch WAN22120AU washing machine is the EcoSilence Drive, which allows for extremely energy-efficient and quiet operation. This means you can expect to invest in a machine with an especially long life, and not a lot of disruptive background noise.

Not to be sneezed at

AllergyPlus is a feature that Bosch has specially developed to make life a little more pleasant for allergy sufferers. This program effectively reduces allergenic residue like animal hair, pollen, and dust mites at the mere touch of a button.

Say goodbye to the shakes

Some washing machines seem to make the whole house shake, especially during the spin cycle. In this Bosch model, anti-vibration side panels reduce vibrations and maximise stability during the washing and spinning process. In conjunction with the EcoSilence Drive, this makes the Bosch WAN22120AU the perfect choice if you’re wanting to create a quieter space at your place.

Quietly efficient

The Bosch WAN22120AU is not only quiet but it's also highly energy-efficient; a 4 Energy Star rating and 4.5 Water Star rating cuts down on running costs and ups the eco-friendly qualities of this appliance.

One clean machine

The Drum Clean feature will remove lingering odours, bacteria and detergent residue from the washing drum.

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  • Choice of cycles
  • Super quiet
  • Quiet
  • Good value for money
  • Easy to use

Product Specifications

Best price for Bosch WAN22120AU is $969.00 inclusive of GST. This is presently the cheapest offer found from comparing prices from 12 shops in New Zealand.


  • Load type
    Front load
  • Type
    Front Loader Washing Machine


  • Capacity
    7.5 kg
  • Spin speed
    1100 rpm
  • Number programs
  • Drum volume
    55 L
  • Colour/material


  • Design type
  • Exterior color

Energy ratings

  • Energy rating
    4.5 stars

Water rating

  • Water rating
    4.5 stars


  • Water consumption / wash
    64 L
  • Annual energy consumption
    285 kWh


  • Height
    84.80 cm
  • Width
    59.80 cm
  • Depth
    55.00 cm
  • Weight
    70.00 kg

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