Beyerdynamic DTX910 Reviews

Beyerdynamic DTX910
$94.00 from Abtec Audio
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Verdict: The Beyerdynamic DTX 910 is a mid-size budget hifi headphone made almost entirely from plastic. Being one of the manufacturer's cheapest over-ear and open-back headphones (at $99), how does it stack up to other headphones?
2 years ago
Major HiFi

Foam paddding is the worst should have provided leather feel

Verdict: Very flimsy in my opinion. For this much money you expect it to be more durable and tough. This is neither premium looking nor premium sounding. Uncomfortable after short usage and makes the ears sweaty. Foam paddding is the worst should have provided leather feel
1 year ago

Five Stars

Verdict: For a detail maniac they are perfect, however I cannot enjoy them as I live in a noisy setting.
2 years ago

Five Stars

Verdict: excellent
2 years ago

Great Value

Pros: High End sound but affordable
Cons: Cord is stiff
Verdict: High End sound but affordable
5 years ago
Pros: very accurate response, tight well controlled bass, excellent midrange, and vocals, and bright, but not harsh highs
Cons: while seemingly solid, certain parts of the headband seem flimsy
Verdict: The headphones come in a relatively plain, well packed box with a screw on stereo jack to mini jack adapter. No frills, just basic. The DTX-910 is a smaller over the ear headphone with all plastic housing, and comfy velour ear pads.
5 years ago

Good headphones but not practical

Verdict: I bought these headphones for use "office" so as not to disturb others with my music. The level the result is quite satisfactory for such non-attentive listening. It's quite a headphone "neutral" in the sense that I did not feel too often missing or of too marked.
7 years ago
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