Beyerdynamic DT 250 250 Ohm Reviews

Beyerdynamic DT 250 250 Ohm
$309.00 from Rubber Monkey
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Verdict: like a bit of a tit most of the time, so issues like this usually go over my black-plastic-encrusted head. Other people generally need to tell me when something's really ugly. I honestly didn't think at all about what I looked like wearing

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9 years ago
Dan's Data
Verdict: With the constant flux of new and improved headphones, it's not often that I get to revisit an older model. And yet, today I'm playing around with the Beyerdynamic DT 250 – first released back in 2004 (!) and competitively priced at $199.

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10 years ago
Major HiFi

Sony Fontopid Twin Turbo MDR-E505; Sennheiser MX3; Beyerdynamic DT-250; Etymotic Research ER-4S Headphones

Verdict: Let's take a quick survey to see if you need a good set of headphones. Do you recognize any of the following scenarios?

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20 years ago


Verdict: Superb. My replacement Grados, bought a year ago, never "warmed up" like the previous ones did, they still sound too bright and new. I bought the Beyers almost on an impulse, but I'm very glad I did.

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4 years ago

Very good helmet

Verdict: Use for years. Other headphones used: Sony MDR 7506 , Beyer DT-770 Pro, crappy but cheaper Sennheisers (ref forgotten) ....

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5 years ago

"Rediscover your music"

Pros: Build,sound quality,comfort
Cons: none
Verdict: I've owned these headphones for a number of years now. I chose them because being in or around the music industry i knew that beyerdynamic was the industry standard. The BBC use mostly DT100's for example. I paid i think £150 which to me was a lot of money for a set of headphones back then.
10 years ago
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