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Bayonetta 2 (for Nintendo Switch)

Verdict: Bayonetta 2 was an excellent game when it came out on the Wii U and it's even better on the Switch. It hasn't changed at all since its Wii U release, but as with so many other Switch ports, the smooth gameplay and portable format adds significant value.
Pros: Fast, responsive combat mechanics with plenty of depth. Excellent graphics. Looks great and plays well in both docked and portable mode. Physical version includes original Bayonetta
Cons: Fairly short as a single playthrough
1 year ago

Bayonetta 2 Switch Review

No reviews
Verdict: The witch is back.
Pros: Still plays really well, Runs smoothly, It's Bayonetta
Cons: Visuals sometimes look a bit ropey, Awkward to play some sections in public
1 year ago

Bayonetta 2 Switch review - The best action game ever

Verdict: If you're here, I'm going to assume you've either already played , . The only issue I had with is that it feels like it takes a bit too long to get into the action. There are some high octane scenes early on, sure, but it isn't quite mind blowing.
1 year ago

Review: Bayonetta 2

Verdict: Bayonetta 2 makes a successful transition to the Switch and gives the Umbra Witch another much-deserved chance to shine on Nintendo's latest hardware. Questionable sexualisation and irksome characters aside, Bayonetta 2 is a spectacular game that more than whets the appetite for the...
Pros: Blistering and responsive gameplay, Game runs well docked and undocked, Performing fabulously in battle is rewarded
Cons: Unnecessary swearing, Unlikeable characters, Style of humour may be loathsome for many
1 year ago

Bayonetta 2 Switch review – the best witch

Verdict: The definitive version of PlatinumGame's cult classic comes to Switch, and this time no-one should miss out on it.
Pros: One of the best combat systems ever seen, and yet also surprisingly accessible. Mountains of unlockable extras. Bayonetta herself is great, as is Tag Climax mode
Cons: The level design can be a little basic and in terms of settings it's often too similar to the original. The storytelling and characters are still awful
11 months ago

Bayonetta 2

Verdict: With Bayonetta 3 being a Nintendo Switch exclusive, owners of this console can now experience the original games on this innovative console before the next instalment is released. Although this game has been available on other consoles, the developers incorporate the touch screen into the gameplay,...
1 year ago

Bayonetta 2 (Nintendo Switch) Review

Verdict: Frequently found at the highest spot of many a top 10 brawler/hack 'n' slasher list, the sequel to the cult classic Bayonetta was such a big hit that many amongst the genre's aficionados simply found it to be excellent, as made obvious right here - and it was good 'ol Nintendo that made it possible,...
1 year ago

Bayonetta 2 - Nintendo Switch

Verdict: Package came with no damage. Great game, going to buy a regular version so I don't have to handle my special edition. Great buy.
1 year ago

Not amazing but not awful.

Verdict: I feel like 5 stars is way too high and 1 star is too low. The story is quite bad, it's impossible to follow whats going on because the characters are barely introduced in the first place and they aren't characters you will care about.
1 year ago


Verdict: So glad i got this fame bundle when i did for only $48. This is a must have for any switch owner.
7 months ago

"Bloody good action"

Verdict: Awesome game with super fast paced action, highly recommended for those who like fast action
1 year ago
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