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Cycling has always been a popular recreational activity in New Zealand, and with the development of more bike lanes, urban cycle pathways and mountain bike trails in recent years, this popularity has only increased. As riders of all ages and abilities take to these lanes, pathways and trails, the demand for good-quality but affordable bicycles has also increased - and Bauer Bikes perfectly fit the bill in that respect.

Bauer Bikes offer value and versatility right across the recreational bike range, with something to suit all budgets, ages and requirements. For example, the Bauer Wildthing 12 is an ideal first bike for boys learning to ride, complete with trainer wheels and push bar. As our young rider grows up, he'll need to graduate onto a larger model, like the Bauer Wildthing 24, a sporty looking machine for junior cyclists. As our young rider continues to grow, and grow, and grow, there'll be another Bauer Bike to fit his growing frame and, like all the bikes in the Bauer Bikes stable, it will be at a reasonable price for Mum and Dad to pay. 

Bauer Bikes reputation for producing quality bikes at affordable prices makes them popular with more than just Mum and Dad. They're tops with bike hire companies too, who need to buy bicycles in bulk. Look at one of those retro style step-through hire bikes, complete with padded seat, being ridden along a pathway on a Sunday afternoon, and there's a good chance it's a Bauer Bike. With their classic designs, Bauer Bikes are very popular with casual riders who want to maintain a sense of style as they enjoy a leisurely ride, and this is another reason why bike hire companies are beginning to buy them in ever increasing numbers.

At the other end of the adrenaline scale, mountain bike riders are also embracing Bauer Bikes in greater numbers, and price is a major reason for this. Mountain biking can be a costly sport to get into, with all the safety gear and accessories required, not to mention the bike itself. But Bauer Bikes reasonable prices make the introduction to mountain biking a little less hard on the wallet.

Quality components are an important part of every bike, and Bauer Bikes can integrate good parts into their cycles while keeping the prices at affordable levels. For example, everyone has heard of Shimano components, and these famous parts are often used in the Bauer Bikes range, from kids bikes through to mountain bikes. It's a winning combination - quality design, good components and, importantly for the kids, cool looks. Bauer Bikes bring all these things together, and at a good-value price. It's a business model that works for them, and it certainly works for an increasing number of riders looking to enjoy all those bike lanes, pathways and mountain bike trails.

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