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Very cool

Verdict: Purchased two of these and found them to be very good, easy to use compact and light you can keep a pair in your top pocket while walking and not even notice them, originally purchased with some left over money from a gift voucher and found these to be quite handy to have around.
2 years ago

Cost Nothing, Worth Nothing, Completely Worthless

Verdict: I really tried to like this. I would pick it up and try over many days. Finally I gave up. No matter how many times I tried it I could find no situation where looking through this gave any benefit. None. Zero.
1 year ago

Pink Porro 10x25

Verdict: Nice little pair of binoculars, though not very strong. Great for the lady's bug-out bag. The unit is very compact and lightweight. It is relatively inexpensive and ideal as a youth model. It is the only size Barska has in "pink."
Pros: compact, handy, and inexpensively priced
Cons: Not very strong, slightly hard to adjust
4 years ago

"I see you"

Verdict: When I bought these binoculars on Amazon for £31.00 they looked in the picture the same as the ones in the Ciao picture however they are not as green in real life, I expected them to look rather army camoglage style however the reality is that the green is a lot more subtle and darker.
Pros: Very compact and easy to carry
Cons: None gthat I have found
7 years ago

10 x 25 Binoculars

No reviews
Verdict: Bought them today after comparing a number of compact 10 x 25 binoculars including a Nikon, a Steiner and a Zeiss (mid to high-end). Well this little Barska outshone even the top models with easy focus and very sharp image. Tested in darker conditions under trees and performed better than expected.
6 years ago


Verdict: OK for what i wanted i wear glasses so it,s sort of hard to use but there ok for the price
2 years ago


Verdict: Excellent product and price and very quick delivery thanks.
3 years ago
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