Baldessarini EDC 75ml Reviews

Baldessarini EDC 75ml
$56.99 from Perfume NZ
Manufacturer: Baldessarini
User Reviews: 

Gréât Product

Pros: Great Value
Verdict: None specific

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1 year ago

Very macho and sensual at the same time

Verdict: This is beyond doubt my favourite after shave. It has a lovely long lasting odour, being slightly musky, slightly fruity and very much a man smell. My wife adores it and bought me another bottle for Christmas. Frangrance lasts around 6-8 hours and can still be noticable on the skin 12 hours later

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1 year ago

Anniversary Gift

Pros: Draws Compliments, Not Overpowering, Sexy
Verdict: I normally get a headache from scents but had no adverse reaction to this scent. Loved the spicy undertone. Makes my man smell sexy.

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1 year ago


Verdict: Everything was perfect. The item was came in a sealed box, in a perfect condition. It was a very nice gift for a good friend.
2 years ago
Verdict: Baldessarini, I am so tired of the cologne that smells like other colognes. This is very nice with a fresh sent to it.
3 years ago

Baldessarini Baldessarini

Verdict: A beautiful smelling aftershave.
3 years ago

Beware of Stale/Old products

Verdict: I have purchased Baldessarini by Hugo Boss for years. Most recently from Amazon. According to the official Hugo Boss website under FAQ's, the Baldessarini brand was sold by Hugo Boss in 2006. Amazon is still selling "Baldessarini by Hugo Boss" online.

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4 years ago

Four Stars

Verdict: Satisfied with product, delivery and price.
5 years ago


Pros: Great Smell
Cons: Overpowering
Verdict: great!

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7 years ago
Pros: Nice scent, long lasting, not too heavy
Cons: Expensive via regular channels
Verdict: I got this Baldessarini Eau de Cologne for $26 on Canal St in New York City. I had tried it to the duty free in the Airport but they were asking a ridiculous price - $45. Why pay more than you have to? You can also get this thing for around $29 at ...

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13 years ago
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