Audio Technica ATH-DSR7BT Reviews

$349.00 - $749.00 from 4 retailers
Manufacturer: Audio Technica
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Fabulous sound

Verdict: "Best ever head phones. The sound in them is fabulous!
2 years ago

Good headphones

Verdict: Have used a lot of good headphones but these surprised me comfortable,good build quality and incredible sound and nice controls just wish they came with a hard case and not a leather pouch.thanks to jessica at carousel for her help buying my mum a pair of these tomorrow.
7 months ago

Free yourself from the cord

Verdict: First set of Bluetooth headphones I've owned. Was impressed with the sound quality. Enjoy the freedom that wireless headphones provide.
Pros: Noise Reducing Stay Charged for a long time
Cons: A little heavy Could be louder Don't really care for the phone option....sounds like the person Is really far away. Easier to just pick up the phone
1 year ago

Audio Technica DSR7BT Wireless Over-Ear Headphones

Verdict: Bought these as new at a reduced price from amp3 who answered my questions on their condition promptly and accurately. Sound for me is neutral and excellent, very revealing and not hyped at all.
1 year ago

The best headphones ever, crystal clear sound and ssound sep

Verdict: Everything about these headphones is exceptional, beautiful crisp sound straight out the box and despite people saying they are light on bass, I have found the bass to be a true replication and not overemphasised like most headphone manufacturers tend to make theirs.
Pros: Comfortable, Good Bass, Good Value, Great Sound
1 year ago

Best headset I ever put on my head

Verdict: Best headset I ever put on my head. Broke in 3 days. Gutted. Can't justify the rebuy, so I got a full refund.
2 years ago
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