Asus Strix R9 380 2GB DDR5 Reviews

Asus Strix R9 380 2GB DDR5
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Poor value compared to other 380s, looks impressive

Pros: Nice packaging, looks boss hoss, asus build quality
Cons: I am comparing this to a PCS 380x, and a XFX 380. This card is bigger, runs louder, and hotter then the other two with the same load. I have to say, i am very impressed with the XFX 380. Under full load its quiet, 61C and it takes up the least space in my rig.
Verdict: It wasnt even bundled with ashes of singularity which i felt was misleading. I clicked on an ashes of singularity promotion and this card was grouped with them.
2 years ago

AMD the master bakers

Verdict: way to hot 45 to 60 degrees idle no matter what you chuck at it and takes way to much power plus no hdmi 2.0, its a powerful gpu its just to hot, until amd gets back on the horse go nividia sorry
2 years ago
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