Asus Prime B350M-A Reviews

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Manufacturer: Asus
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Asus Prime B350M-A

Verdict: Would buy again, but all I *ever* buy are ASUS motherboards.
Pros: High quality audio parts pay off with my Audioengine A5+ speakers, Compact mATX design well suited to mid-size cases
Cons: No audio header for connecting front microphone and headphone jacks
2 years ago

This board is awesome, running a Ryzen 1300x on it for over ...

Verdict: This board is awesome, running a Ryzen 1300x on it for over a month now, had zero problems, would definitely recommend it
2 years ago

Probably one of the best (maybe the best) mATX AM4 boards

Verdict: Best board for the money I've tested.
Pros: Good Bios features for Overclockers. ASUS DIGI+ VRM is NOT just some marketing lingo with nothing behind it Good amount of Bios updates. Corsair RAM works at 2933mhz (16,18,18,36 @1.35v) but Probably not at XMP profile.. Neutral black and white design fits well into almost any case.
Cons: No VRM heatsinks. Might be worth trying to find an aftermarket one if they exist and you're planning to go past 3.8ghz Not enough fan headers
2 years ago

ASUS PRIME B350M-A mATX For AMD Ryzen Socket AM4, AMD B350 Chipset 4X DDR4-2666 M.2 SATA3, 6x USB 3.1 HDMI 1.4 VGA DVI

No reviews
Verdict: A solid choice for your system, although noise has been noted on the microphone audio channel during VoIP. Note that if you make use of the NVMe, you will lose a couple of the SATA ports to the cause (hard drive plugged into those sockets did not detect at all during POST and were not visible via...
2 years ago


Verdict: Came fast, in perfect condition. One of the best websites out there! Good deals!
2 years ago

Simple, but Good

Verdict: This motherboard, for the price, is great. Asus has a reputation of making good boards at all price points and this one is no exception. The M.2 slot supports NVMe, enabling even those on a budget an upgrade path. The UFEI is solid with options for a lot of the usual things, like fan speed and OC.
1 year ago

Poor build quality, avoid at all costs.

Verdict: My motherboard had bad MOSFETS from what I can tell, it was generally unstable at stock clocks as well as having issues booting up. The PC would not power up at all after unplugging it (to move the PC for example) without pulling the CMOS battery.
2 years ago

Just 2 fan headers, and bios not stable yet

Verdict: This is my first Ryzen build and the experience was pretty lousy. The setup wouldn't POST , so I tried troubleshooting and hence the rating of 2 here. - This board comes with only 1 CPU fan header and 1 chassis fan header! My 5 year old M5A97 R2 LE motherboard comes with 4 chassis fan headers.
2 years ago
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