Asus GeForce GT210 1GB DDR3 Reviews

Asus GeForce GT210 1GB DDR3
$64.99 from Friendly Computer
   8 reviews
Manufacturer: Asus
User Reviews: 

Excellent Graphics card by ASUS which fits in my budget

Verdict: I am not a gaming freak, my only requirement was to have 1080p upscaling for connecting my desktop to my 32" HDTV so that i can enjoy movies in the comfort of my room. I had an 5 year old desktop with a PCI express 1.1 slot, this graphics card supports the PCI express 1.1 slot eventhough it is...
3 years ago
Verdict: I recently bought an old HP a1547c (Media Center Edition) desktop on eBay. I was, at first, just looking for this desktop to be my "go-to" device for my online classes but, decided to get a few upgrades when I was staggeringly unimpressed with it's slowness: (I have a mid-range gaming laptop; an...
4 years ago

Good Basic Card if you are in a hurry and broke.

Verdict: Good basic card. I bought it because I was concerned that the onboard Intel Graphis on my new computer was a little light. However, after installing and checking the Graphics performance rating provided by Win 8, I found out the Intel HD onboard graphics was faster and ran better, so I returned this...
4 years ago
Circuit City

does not include a low profile bracket

Verdict: Needed to replace my girlfriend's grandad's broken gfx card and needed it to be low profile to fit in the small hp pc he owns. The description claims the card comes with a low ptofile bracket but this is a lie.
4 years ago

plz any gammer plz dont buy,,,

Verdict: well,, i play all games but on low srttings,,,,, with some lags... i mean 1gb ddr3 giving lags in low settings,,,,,,,,,,:::::?????? its ok for hd movies ,,, but for games 4get it,,,,,,,,,,,,most,,,, go for a good one nt 4 this wast of money,,,,,,,,,
5 years ago

It was a wonderful purchase and exceded all my expectations.

Verdict: I am a graphic designer and having dual monitors is great. It was 3d effects also which works wonderfully. I can't find a downside to this product. When my computer starts up it tells me the temperature that my CPU is running at and is very user friendly.
5 years ago
Verdict: Pros: Cheap, reliable chipset. I had the card over a week now and im very pleased with its performance. I feel its one of the best HTPC cards out there. My system is a mini itx with an i5 processor. My WEI in windows 7 was 5.5 and after installing the Asus card my WEI went to 6.7.
5 years ago

Great HTPC companion

Verdict: Except that the fan is a little noisy, I like everything about this GT220 card. Very nice picture quality and HDMI audio works well too. I am using it with element pc linux distro (ubuntu 9.10 based). Far superior than my onboard ATI hdmi video out.

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7 years ago
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