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Amplifiers & Receivers Buying Guide

Amplifiers and receivers are different but they do one thing the same - produce great sound! 

What's The Difference?

Amplifiers basically amplify the sound of whatever it is it is connected to e.g. a stereo, or a musical instrument, or a microphone. It's very much a one on one thing - one device to one amplifier. A receiver is more flexible, and can receive and broadcast audio and video from multiple sources; the ability to handle video is one of the key differences between a receiver and an amplifier. 

Surround Or Stereo?

Most receivers now have built-in amplifiers, and with their ability to deliver stereo or surround sound, they're ideal for home theatre systems. In this day and age, when we want a movie to give us an all-round entertainment experience, surround sound receivers are increasingly popular.

Inputs And Outputs

As a receiver is a multi-functional device, it has many more inputs delivering many more outputs! This is important if you intend to add new components to your home entertainment system in the years ahead.   

Power And Distortion

The more powerful your amplifier or receiver, the less distortion you will notice when playing something at high volume. This is important, especially for music lovers, so ask about distortion when shopping around.

Ramp Up The Sound With An Amp

If you're all about maximising the power of sound coming from your speakers, a dedicated amplifier would be your best option. While receivers do have built-in amplifiers, the power of a separate amplifier will generally be superior.

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