Amouage Gold EDP 100ml (M) Reviews

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★★★★★ 3.4
   5 reviews
Manufacturer: Amouage
User Reviews: 
★★★★★ 3.4

Grandma's Curd Soap

★★★★★ 3.4
Verdict: A splash of Amouage Gold and everyone knows that you're coming - it's like Mach 1 without hearing protection, or like Rammstein's "Here comes the sun"... After the first test splash on the back of my left hand I wanted to keep my hand 10 meters away (if only I could) and wash it off immediately -...
6 years ago

"Low warm growl in the flowers ( Amouage Gold pour Homme)"

★★★★★ 5.0
Verdict: I have generous samples of both Golds (M and F) and although the female one is supposed to be the wonderful one it just smells too flowery (if complex and rich) for me. This one is a different story and completely, utterly wonderful. The Juice This is an old-style powerhouse. Or a palace.
Pros: rich growling velvet, makes a grand feminine
Cons: expensive, not a classic masculine
3 years ago


★★★★★ 5.0
Verdict: A pungent soapy fragrance that lasts hours, a little stifling even after one spray, if you like this scent a bottle will last months n months of constant use. I rarely use this as you really have to fancy wearing this, not much in the way of individual ingredients stated in the line up comes out on...
7 years ago

Amouage Gold EDP 100ml (M)

★★★★★ 1.6
Verdict: Hmm. Yes, this is an outgrowth of Hermes Equipage with a Robe weaved in threads of Gold Thread. As it is worn the Hem is rubbed by my pet Civet. There is a vague urinous funk. This is certainly the Cat's ass. I want some.
2 years ago

Amouage is my favorite cologne. I started using it when I was ...

★★★★★ 2.0
Verdict: Amouage is my favorite cologne. I started using it when I was stationed in Bahrain (some 5 years ago). I started with a sample box of about six different fragrance. Once I finished those, I moved onto Gold, and Reflection, which are my two favorites.
4 years ago

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