Acer C120

Acer C120
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The Acer C120 is an excellent option. This device is the perfect lightweight, compact projector. The best part is that it can easily fit in your hand.

You will love this projector. This projector provides a new option to project visuals in the classroom, conference room or living room.

This projector is bright and offers a 1000:1 contrast ratio. This powerhouse offers amazing image quality. Advanced Acer technologies make using it a breeze no matter where you go. There is a lot to like about the Acer C120 projector.

You can't go wrong with this lightweight projector. This projector is a leader in mobility and is easy to use. With it, you get many excellent features.

The Acer C120 weighs just under a pound. The C120 is small enough to stash in your pocket, making business travel a breeze yet is powerful and project high quality images.

With this projector, you get an easy to use USB cable. With the power adapter, you will get improved brightness. There are many advantages to connecting using the USB.

The USB cable can be used to transfer both DC power and the display signal from the notebook to the projector so an additional power adapter is not required, providing a user-friendly experience.

Plus, the USB 3.0 can transfer data faster than ever. This leads to improved image quality. There are many advantages to owning the Acer C120.

Acer SmartFormat Technology supports a variety of PC signals. Enjoy not having to see a message saying "Signal not supported".

An added feature is ColorSafe Technology that is perfect for protecting against color decay and guarantee a crisp.

The lamp life is around 20,000 hours. This is perfect for delivering many presentations. Owners enjoy not having to change the light very often. As a result, costs are reduced. The projector starts working within 5 seconds after the USB cable is connected to the laptop PC.

Get the Acer C120 today and you will have a projector that can be used anywhere. It is portable and perfect for your every use. Take with your on vacation to watch your favourite videos and the ones you create yourself.

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  • Small and lightweight
  • Portable
  • Small
  • Lightweight
  • Good value for money

Product Specifications

  • 3D support
  • HD ready
  • Brightness
    100 lm
  • Contrast ratio
    1000 :1 
  • Resolution
  • Type
  • Colour support
    Black, Silver, White 
  • Maximum screen distance
    3.65 m
  • Minimum screen distance
    0.37 m
  • Noise level
    24 - 30 dB
  • Remote control
  • Total audio output power
    4 - 20 Watt
Physical Specs
  • Height
    2.60 cm
  • Width
    12.00 cm
  • Depth
    8.20 cm
  • Weight
    0.61 kg
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