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Survey - Help us improve PriceMe

Dear user,
Thanks for using PriceMe.

PriceMe wants to get your opinion about the PriceMe website and the shopping experience we provide. The goal is to understand how you feel about PriceMe, your needs and how PriceMe can be improved to offer you a better shopping experience.

It would be greatly appreciated if you could take a few moments of your time to voice your opinion and to make a few suggestions. Please fill in the form below and submit.

You'll go into a lucky draw for $100 cash once you've participated. The winner will be drawn before Christmas, and notified by PriceMe via email. The winner will also be announced in the PriceMe blog. Your opinions can make a difference! So please make your voice heard before December 20th 2008.

1. What do you like about PriceMe?

2. What do you dislike about PriceMe?

3. What features and functions do you suggest that we add to the website the coming months?

4. How should PriceMe improve the quality of its product data?

5. Which product categories do you suggest adding to PriceMe?

6. What retailers would you like us to add to PriceMe?

7. What do you like better about PriceSpy and Ferrit compared to PriceMe?

8. Please input any other recommendations that you might have.

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