AMD A8-9600 3.1GHz Reviews

AMD A8-9600 3.1GHz
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THE solution to flash your AMD BIOS for Raven Ridge!

Verdict: Is it a great processor especially now Probably not, however, the secret lies in that you can utilize this processor in a new AMD RYZEN 2nd generation build in order to flash any AM4 motherboard into accepting a much more powerful processor!

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5 months ago

It's great for the price.

Verdict: For 50 bucks this chip plays all my games..(except BF1) 720p low med settings or 900p like Diablo 3 will run 1080p high settings..with ram prices and GPU prices through the's very easy to get into the AM4 socket to start.
8 months ago
Micro Center

Good for the basics

Pros: Overclocked on MSI board to 4.2 ghz. Cheap for basic computing in my garage
Cons: Old tech
Verdict: Had an old R9 280 laying around. Keeps up with it. Dont see any issues with the 8x PCI Express lanes it only offers. Dont buy it for benching or any heavy data crunching. Good for youtubing and researching the net. If you upgrade, you have a path with the AM4 socket.
10 months ago

Poorly packed

Verdict: The cpu was poorly packed and incomplete. The cpu itself was dead on arrival.

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11 months ago

AMD Bristol Ridge A8 9600 APU 4 Core, 4 Threads , AM4 , 65W TDP, up to 3.4Ghz WITH Integrated Radeon R7 Series Graphics

Verdict: good cheap CPU with integrated graphics.. not reccomended for gaming but its good for daily things

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1 year ago
PB Tech
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