ADATA Premier UHS-I SDHC Class 10 8GB Reviews

ADATA Premier UHS-I SDHC Class 10 8GB
$13.00 - $25.00 from 4 retailers
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Value for money
Pros: - Loooong warranty, - Class 10 speeds, - Very reliable manufacturer, - Great price
Cons: - Not the fastest microSD card
Verdict: Probably the best bang for your buck micro SD card. Not the fastest one around, but in real world application it doesnt really make a difference. The manufacturer (ADATA) is reliable in my experiences, and you're getting a lifetime warranty on the product (once registered). Definitely worth the buy.

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2 years ago

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Pros: Works good for 2 months
Cons: Only works good for 2 months
Verdict: I don't know what to say but the replacement warranty cards didn't last too long. Same issue as before, returned for another RMA. These cards just don't work well in dashcams.
2 years ago

"Works on Smartphones that supports this capacity"

Verdict: What the title says. Should work fine on most Android smartphone devices that has a micro-sd slot.
3 years ago
Mighty Ape

Misleading/false advertising

Pros: Nice, small little drive and adapter. Easy carry, but easy to loose too
Cons: Not USB3 as advertised. USB2 only. May be flash drive is USB2 and adapter is 3. But they advertise a USB3 set up - and it isn't!! Don't count on rebate. Took me two weeks to get rebate form from Newegg. Submitted it to Adata. Five weeks later - still no rebate. Their automated look-up has nothing.
Verdict: Recognize you're going to pay full price (no rebate) before you buy it. And its only USB2, not USB3. If you're still OK - you'll be happy with the product. Otherwise, don't buy it!!

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5 years ago

Seems to work as advertised - lifetime warranty

Verdict: This 32GB card seems to be working as advertised and I was able to fill it up and verify it took almost 32GB of information. I especially like that it has a lifetime warranty, as I've had problems with other manufacturers' 32GB cards and once lost 1000 photographs from a set of vacation photos.
5 years ago
Circuit City

A-Data 8GB SDHC Class 10 Flash Memory Card with Enhanced DSC Function

Verdict: This was a good value for the class 10 memory card since lesser classes sell for about the same price. Usually the higher the class (speed) the more the cost so this was a good deal.
6 years ago

A-Data 8GB Class 10 SD

Pros: Fast and A-Data reliability
Cons: none so far
Verdict: Ive been using A-Data products for many years and never had any issues with them. I also like buying from - fast and reliable services!

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7 years ago
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