ADATA Premier UHS-I SDHC Class 10 8GB Reviews

$13.00 - $25.00 from 4 retailers
   7 reviews
Manufacturer: ADATA
User Reviews: 
Value for money

A-Data 8GB SDHC Class 10 Flash Memory Card with Enhanced DSC Function

Verdict: This was a good value for the class 10 memory card since lesser classes sell for about the same price. Usually the higher the class (speed) the more the cost so this was a good deal.
7 years ago

"Works on Smartphones that supports this capacity"

Verdict: What the title says. Should work fine on most Android smartphone devices that has a micro-sd slot.
3 years ago

Seems to work as advertised - lifetime warranty

Verdict: This 32GB card seems to be working as advertised and I was able to fill it up and verify it took almost 32GB of information. I especially like that it has a lifetime warranty, as I've had problems with other manufacturers' 32GB cards and once lost 1000 photographs from a set of vacation photos.
6 years ago

A-Data 8GB Class 10 SD

Verdict: Ive been using A-Data products for many years and never had any issues with them. I also like buying from - fast and reliable services!
Pros: Fast and A-Data reliability
Cons: none so far
8 years ago

ADATA Premier UHS-I SDHC Class 10 8GB

Verdict: These cards are currently in the "best-bang-for-buck" category if you're looking to expand available storage in a device that's mostly going to be reading from the card. Benched two of these cards with similar results: -----------------------------------------------------------------------...
Pros: Cheap when on sale, Includes full-size SD adapter for older devices
Cons: No storage case like some other brands
2 years ago

Write error......

Verdict: I don't know what to say but the replacement warranty cards didn't last too long. Same issue as before, returned for another RMA. These cards just don't work well in dashcams.
Pros: Works good for 2 months
Cons: Only works good for 2 months
3 years ago

Micro SD card refuses to mount on most Micro SD readers, EVEN THE ONE INCLUDED

Verdict: Has anyone else noticed this It's little scary that so many microSD readers can be incompatible with this card, particularly the reader included here. Yes, I made sure the card was fully pushed into the included micro SD reader, I know from past experience these tiny readers can be a little finicky...
Pros: I found out the included card reader doesn't actually erase or corrupt your data, it just refuses to mount on any computer. Works with the included micro SD to SD adapter using any old (full size) SD card reader
Cons: Micro SD card refuses to mount using the included micro SD reader as well as more than half a dozen other microSD readers from different manufacturers. At first I thought this microSD card had just become corrupted somehow after a couple months of no use, so I formatted the card only to get the same...
5 years ago
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