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We had one of these but the motor gave out after 19 months (of regular usage of several times a week. Also, didn't do very good loaves, too yeasty and brittle.


The older MR-CX370EJ models are soo much quieter than the newer MR-CX328ER ones. Not sure what Mitsubishi have changed, but I would definitely recommend getting an older second-hand model over one of the new ones. We are finding our brand new MR-CX328ER so annoying that we are getting rid of it and buying a different fridge.


After 19 mouths use failed with error code E-1. Most products error codes can be found online but not for this Breville . 12 month warranty . Products that fail after this period of time are generally manufacturing or design problems. Because of poor support and problems I cannot recommend.


Seagate nz doesn't have any returns. The product has to be sent to china for any faulty from factory repairs & live chat & customer support are take an age to do anything


After 2 years mine simply stopped working, very short life in my opinion for a high end product


Vacuum discharges particles back down the stick every time you switch it off. When the HEPA became clogged I couldn't get any more. Midea amd Trade Depot don't stock consumables. I've given up on it. Don't waste your money.

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