Sony Ericsson VH410

Sony Ericsson VH410
Close a deal at the check-out counter. Ring home from the road. Make dinner reservations on the tube. Discover the VH410. Crystal-clear conversations....
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- All Sony Ericsson wireless devices have been developed in coordination with Sony Ericsson mobile phones, but are also compatible with BluetoothÖ-equipped handsets from other manufacturers.
- All Sony Ericsson products are developed to international standards and employ state-of-the-art technologies for proven quality you can rely on.
- BluetoothÖ wireless technology frees more than your hands û it lets your devices talk to each other without tangles, across ranges of up to 10 metres.
- GreenHeartÖ

Talk time: up to 10
Standby time: up to 350 h

Dimensions: 25.2 x 18.0 x 50.4

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01 September 2010

Sony Ericsson VH410 Specs

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