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Sony Bravia KDL46EX500 46in
Keep pace with fast-action movies, sports and game play. Equipped withFull HD 1080p panel and Motionflow 100Hz the EX500 Series provides amore fluid, ...
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good image quality, remote control, good value for money, good sound, reduced glare
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Verdict: Sony Bravia KDL46EX500 46inch Full HD LCD TV
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April 2010
LCD TV Buying Guide

Sony KDL-46EX500

Verdict: Up for Review: Sony KDL-46EX500 LCD TV . The Sony name has become so synonymous with excellent quality and advanced technology that even when the TVs are not featured with the introductory and revolutionary technologies of the year, they sell like hot cakes.
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December 2009

Worst brand in market

Verdict: After a year without troubles my night mare start with a $998.00 TV all the sudden stop working I bring it to a Sony authorize repair shop where they will charge me almost $500.00 to repair it. Their quote stays that the main board needs to be replace.
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June 2013

excellent source for hd content derived from broadcast and blu ray player...

Verdict: ordered on a Saturday night and received delivery on a Friday which exceeded my expectations considering this was a standard delivery by freight truck (item originated from Washington state and I live in MN)..
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January 2013

Excellent LCD television

Verdict: This is a fine, sharp TV. Not a smart unit, but the picture is excellent. It rivals newer LED backlit models. I have 3 of them in different sizes. All are very nice units.
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November 2012

Verdict: wow!!!awesome best price ever compare to all other impress.
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July 2011

Great out of the box. Get a Sony DVD too

Pros: All the connections options I could ever need, Good Remote Control, Great Picture Quality, Reduced Glare, Setup is as easy as it gets
Cons: Black tones
Verdict: After years of waiting for flat-screen TV prices to go down while resolution and picture quality go up, we finally purchased this tv based mainly on Sony's reputation. So far we are more than pleased. Our friends couldn't be more jealous. The many inputs made setup quick and easy.
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January 2011

Sony Serves Up a Shiny New LCD Centerpiece for Your Home Theater Needs

Pros: great display for hi definition programming
Cons: cheap remote, the screen exacerbates poor quality input signals
Verdict: Life would be so much easier if I didn't care to terribly much about the superficial qualities of my
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September 2010

Nice piece of equipment.

Verdict: We have had no problem with the Sony so far, the only thing is the remote, it is very sensitive & when you are moving it from one end of the table to the next the tv shuts off, you have to reset the cable again.
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May 2010

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