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Sennheiser HD419
$87.00 - $95.00 from 5 retailers
Powerful neodymium magnets for stereo sound with powerful punchy bass Closed circumaural headphone design isolate against ambient noiseSingle-sided ca...
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good value for money, good sound, comfortable, lightweight, small
thin cable
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Sennheiser HD 419 West Headphones

Verdict: I own a few pairs of Seinheizers, but these are possibly my favourite as I have some trouble with some of them for making my ears hurt, but these I can say are pretty good, I love the sound quality you get out them and they are comfortable which is a big plus
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February 2014


Verdict: Bought these headphones because I hated having an earphone jabbed into my ear for several hours. Was surprised by how comfortable they were, sound quality was rich, as if I was listening to my old music for the very first time. Also very affordable.
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December 2013

Sennheiser HD 419 Headphone

Verdict: "its awesome man....crystal clear sound....very comfortable.....
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September 2013

sennheiser headphones review performance

Verdict: These headphones are good, and considering i payed only 60 bucks for them i cant really complain. but they did not blow me out of the water. They sound pretty average. Inner ear headphones have more bass.
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July 2013

Just got them...

Pros: Extremely high quality audio for the price
Cons: Cord is short and really narrow... May need replacement sooner than anything else. (I'll be looking for one of their coiled cords for this if they aren't too expensive, or hard to adapt
Verdict: Took a full week to arrive... I know that's in their shipping time, but that was the absolute longest it COULD take...
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April 2013

Music to my ears!

Verdict: I have owned numerous headphones over the years and the quality and sound from Sennheiser is phenomenal! The sound simply envelopes all of your senses to bring you into the music.
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February 2013

Verdict: Just bought these today and very impressed so far. I had set of sony's but they were uncomfortable. I am no audiophile but for the price I am very happy with the sound quality. I was surprised that maplins had them in stock, once again a good product at a good price from them.
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December 2012

Pros: Light Weight, Enough Bass, Comfort
Cons: Thin Cable
Verdict: This is my First Review in this community.    This is my Personal opinion regarding this Sennheiser HD419 Headphone that i bought in India This review is with comparison with the following earphones that i had (Klipsh Image S4, Brainwavz M1 and Westone 4.
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December 2012

Great for the price

Pros: Price, Size, Sound Quality
Cons: For the price...
Verdict: These are great over-the-ear headphones for the price. Seem to be built well. They are pretty comfortable, ears do not get too hot wearing them for extended periods of time. Reduce a good amount of outside noise. Recommend to someone who is new to over-the-ear headphones.
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December 2012

Impressive for the price

Verdict: Good headphones for the price. They block out some background noise and are comfortable. They also dont appear to 'leak' sound, so no annoying others. sound quality is very good for this price range and is particularly good for dance, rock, pop, etc.
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October 2012

There Sennheisers, enough said!

Verdict: I am a long term Sennheiser fan. I had previously owned HD205's, but they unforunately broke. So, I decided to purchase these beauties. The Advantages: Incredible Bass Response Great Trebles 1.4 Metre Cable (Perfect Length) Low Impedance (Great for use with portable devices) Closed Ear Cup (Blocks...
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September 2012

very good value for its price

Verdict: Good news: easy on the head very good sound quality with nice bass level the cord goes from one side of the headset for easy movement Bad News: even when I set the volume to the maximum, the sound still looks low
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August 2012
JB Hi-Fi

Verdict: Great pair of headphones. Decent sound, extremely comfortable, lightweight and feel like they can take a bit of abuse. If you're looking for everyday use headphones, add these to your shortlist.
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May 2012

Pros: Very good sound quality for the price
Cons: The build is from rather cheap and low quality plastic
Verdict: I recently bought this item after a long search for finding a quality budget headphone. I repair and resell electrical and electronics products, therefore I have a good overview on this type of products. I have tried this item since 2 weeks ago at office for listening to different type of music.
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March 2012
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