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Image quality

Verdict: I love this product!!! Samsung has slammed it totally out of the park with the ES7500.... I think the picture quality is stellar, I don't see any of the bleeding/cloudyness etc that I hear people complain about.
May 2013

3D is amazing for active models. 240Hz is a plus.

Verdict: One of the best LED's on the market pre 4K models. Features are more of a gimic but the picture quality is 2nd to none. Motion jesture features are a bit troublesome to use but not annoying.
April 2013

The best that's out there -- well nearly!

Verdict: This TV & Samsung deserve a lot of praises. From its seamless design to the picture quality to its mind blowing features. A true Smart TV. So ill only mention why this is 'nearly' the best that's out there: Well, @ this price point, i feel that Samsung should have included the Time Shift & record...
January 2013

Premium cost for premium

Verdict: performance. If you want the very best it is the 7500 or 8000 series Samsung. Once you calibrate colors, brightness, etc., for at home instead of in a showroom the picture is past awesome. Best there is, if you can write the check.
December 2012

the product is fantastic

Verdict: its a fantastic product and been able to use it for both a monitor or tv makes it even better. crystal clear pictures light weight i would recommend it for anyone
November 2012


Cons: Glare, Poor Image Quality
Verdict: Was going to buy the model right below this, but wanted to get a set that was the best I could buy at the time. Got and AMAZING deal from ABT, but this is where my happiness ends. I replaced a Samsung DLP with this set and I am not very happy with this set.
November 2012
ABT Electronics

The Best Tv of 2012 and mabey 2013.

Pros: Everything IS Great
Cons: Nothing
Verdict: I had the Lg Lm7600 the TV picture quality was not up to par at all. The Lg was very slow and everything. So I got the Samsung es8000 because the camera, voice commands and gestures and the picture quality. I always had a Samsung tv and I'm sticking with them. I got it for $1400.
September 2012


Verdict: The best description of this TV and all of its functions is "AMAZING.
July 2012

All around excellent performer

Pros: Excellent color and black levels. Capable suite of apps. Functional gesture and voice controls
Cons: Gesture and voice controls are inconsistent. Better than expected, definitely not without limitations
Verdict: Some backlight bleed, but not awful and par for the course for slim edge lit LED's
June 2012
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