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Samsung P2770FH 27in
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good image quality, big, fastest
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Best gaming Monitor I have Had

Verdict: Great for Gaming. Not only great for gaming but a really great price for all this monitor can do. The color and the refresh rate is better the the 27 " led I have Never thought a LCD would be better for gaming then a LED. I would just say you will not regret buying this LED.
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December 2012

Not terrible, but 1920x1080 doesn't cut it at 24 inches or more.

Verdict: 1920x1080 spread across a 27 inches diagonal display is about 82 pixels per square inch. This is pretty dismal compared to the 400+ pixels per inch that the human eye can resolve at 12 inches.
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December 2012

Great monitor at a great price

Verdict: I require a lot of screen real estate for my position as a support engineer. I purchased two of these for my home office and could not be more satisfied. Easy to set up and easy to use. This is a tremendous value for the price.
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October 2012

Pros: Nothing!!! It's just aweful
Cons: Washed out monitor! Goes back to factory default all the time
Verdict: Four words...I miss my Acer!!! I have Samsung monitors at work and I should have learned my lesson. THEY ARE TERRIBLE!!!! The only thing worse than this was the PS3 LED monitor. The bottom of this 'THING" is soooo discolored and the top is sooo dark. NO balance at all, pixels everywhere.
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March 2012

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