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Logitech K800 Wireless Illuminated Keyboard

Cons: Thin profile allows sacrifices design for durability
Verdict: The Logitech Wireless Illuminated Keyboard K800 is a worthwhile refresh with updates that include a Unifying receiver for consolidated USB port access, rechargeable AA NiMH batteries, and Logitech's comfortable PerfectStroke key design.
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April 2014

This keyboard features back-lit keys and a well-crafted design.

Pros: Ultra-thin design, excellent key layout, adjustable key backlighting, near-silent operation, comfortable
Cons: Not wireless, a little expensive, lack of Fn key on the left side of the keyboard
Verdict: Logitech's Illuminated Keyboard features backlit keys, an ultra-thin design and the PerfectStroke key system. Although it's not wireless, it is one of the better keyboards on the market.
Read full review at review.goodgearguide.com.au
August 2013

Logitech Wireless Illuminated Keyboard K800

Cons: Requires a dongle. Expensive for a non-gaming keyboard
Verdict: Keyboards aren't exactly the sexiest peripherals in the market. For most folks, they serve a purely utilitarian purpose and are usually given as much thought as, say, a routine cleaning with the dentist.
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October 2012
PC Magazine

Pros: This wireless keyboard makes a strong impression with backlit keyboard characters, batteries that are rechargeable with the help of a micro-USB cord, a comfortable light-touch key system and a slim space-saving design
Cons: The keyboard's energy saving feature that puts it to sleep when not in use takes too long to wake up again for some users' tastes
Verdict: From night owls to graphic designers to serious gamers, having an illuminated keyboard is a requirement for many users who find themselves working and playing in low light conditions. For them, having a keyboard without backlit keys is like having no keyboard at all.
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May 2012

Logitech Illuminated Keyboard with Back lit

Verdict: Style and design It's not at all always that easy to brew a quality unit however, in this situation Logitech Illuminated keyboard is appear as the top-ranking item together with wonderful image. So far I didn't actually know that keyboard may get that slender.
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April 2012

Logitech K800 Wireless Illuminated Keyboard Review

Pros: No software required, Illuminated backlit keys, Can change the level of illumination and when it is activated and turned off, Comfortable keys for typing, Wireless, Easy charging via USB cable
Cons: Short wrist rest, Battery life could be better
Verdict: When you find a keyboard you like you never want to change, my keyboard is the one component of my main system that has not changed since 2007!  Logitech released the diNovo Edge keyboard back in 2007 and even since it has been my main keyboard.
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March 2012

Logitech K800 Keyboard Review

Verdict: Overall, Logitech has done a nice job with the K800 keyboard. It is currently my favorite keyboard over the Apple keyboard, as it's more orientated towards PC users. The wireless and back light features make this keyboard one of the best around right now.
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October 2011

Review: Logitech Illuminated Keyboard

Verdict: Quick Version: The Logitech Illuminated Keyboard sports a sleek design combined with a number of functional enhancements that make it a cut above most others. While the illuminated keys are the main feature, the first thing you'll notice upon removing it from the box is how extremely slim the...
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August 2011

Logitech Illuminated Keyboard

Verdict: We often extol the virtues of buying yourself a decent keyboard (and mouse, and headphones, and monitor, etc.) regardless of how slow your PC is or how little you use it. This is because we feel the most important thing you can do to make using a computer more enjoyable is to make interacting with...
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May 2011

Reviewed: The Logitech K800

Verdict: Logitech are experts at making PC input devices, their keyboards and mice are always held in high regard due their amazing performance and great pricing. One of the best keyboards created by Logitech was the Illuminated version, which provided the much requested backlighting feature as well as a...
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April 2011

Wirelessly Ideal: Logitech K800 Wireless Illuminated Keyboard Review

Pros: High-quality of manufacture, Classic layout, High-quality scissor-switch mechanics, Ergonomically shaped keys, Best backlight implementation in the industry, Low noise when typing, Small dimensions, Replaceable batteries, Micro-USB port for recharging, Beautiful exterior
Cons: Short left Shift in the Cyrillic version, Easily soiled glossy surface, Short battery life, Faulty light sensor, High price
Verdict: The Wireless Illuminated Keyboard K800 certainly helps to maintain Logitech's superior position among keyboard makers. Having taken in the best features of the wired Illuminated Keyboard, the device adds to that a wireless interface and a standard layout of the editing block of keys.
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January 2011
X-bit labs

Logitech K800 Keyboard Review

Verdict: Below you can see a summary of our impressions about the Logitech K800.
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December 2010
Hardware Secrets

Pros: Smart backlighting, Stands on edge for storage, Power-saving features, Unifying technology
Cons: Pricey, Half-size F-keys, No dedicated media-file transport keys
Verdict: This comfortable, smartly designed keyboard is best for those who prefer a laptop-style keyfeel. Unless you truly need wireless, however, its wired brother is a better value.
Read full review at ComputerShopper
December 2010

Logitech Wireless Illuminated Keyboard K800

Pros: Feel when typing, Quality, Unified receiver, Quiet
Cons: Battery life (though expected
Verdict: Usually when we review keyboards they are aimed at gamers. This time, however, we take a look at Logitech's new Wireless Illuminated K800. On the K800 there are no dozens of macro buttons, LCD-screens or other gamer-features, instead it's all about comfortable typing.
Read full review at Metku Mods
December 2010
Metku Mods

Logitech K800

Pros: NiMH batteries recharge with micro-USB cable, Automatic and adjustable backlit keys, Unifying Receiver connects multiple devices using single plug, PerfectStroke key system offers uniform tactile feedback
Cons: Thin profile sacrifices design for durability
Verdict: It's been two years since Logitech first debuted its Illuminated Keyboard , a corded input device that added an illuminated backlit feature to an otherwise classic PC keyboard. We gave it high marks for its practicality and affordability, but the core design just got an overhaul with the Wireless...
Read full review at CNET
November 2010

Generation N: Five 802.11n routers tested

Verdict: Ever since it was announced in 2004 we've been patiently waiting, to no avail it seems, for the release of 802.11n. This hasn't discouraged a number of manufacturers from releasing routers based on a concept version of this new wireless standard.
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October 2009

Logitech K800 Wireless Illuminated Keyboard Reviewed. Verdict: A Niche Product for Anyone who Must Have Everything Wireless

Verdict: With the exception of gaming keyboards, the ubiquitous keyboard really hasn't changed all that much over the years. Newer models may have a couple extra buttons and the like, but the last BIG change was probably the development of wireless keyboards.
Read full review at review.i4u.com
September 2009

Logitech Illuminated Keyboard, so you want to type in the dark?

Verdict: Choosing a good one such as this Logitech, however, can make a massive difference to your productivity and comfort. It's luxurious, with backlit, laser-etched keys, which enable you to type in the dark, and it has a rubberised wristrest for comfort.
Read full review at PC Authority
September 2009
PC Authority

Verdict: A fantastic keyboard that makes working in the dark easy. It's also brilliant for those that frequently have long typing marathons.
Read full review at ITP.net
June 2009

Logitech Illuminated Keyboard

Verdict: Verdict A fantastic keyboard that makes working in the dark easy. It's also brilliant for those that frequently have long typing marathons.
Read full review at ITP.net
June 2009

Logitech Illuminated Keyboard

Verdict: Compared to a decade ago, one of the things you immediately notice that has changed about personal computers is their design. Long gone are the ugly beige boxes, with accompanying unattractive CRT displays and peripherals.
Read full review at DarkVision Hardware
May 2009
DarkVision Hardware

Verdict: Priced a bit expensively at AED 399/- (roughly US$110), the Illumanated Keyboard is best for people that like to type in the dark or ones that like their system to just look cool. I do wish that Logitech had a USB port on it but other than that, its a great component to write your long articles on.
Read full review at t-break
March 2009

Logitech Illuminated Keyboard

Verdict: It's something we use all the time, but compared with the hours we spend deliberating over the merits of different processors, memory, graphics cards and monitors, the time we devote to picking a keyboard is minimal.
Read full review at PC Pro
February 2009
PC Pro

Logitech Illuminated Keyboard and DiNovo Keyboard for Notebooks Review

Verdict: The Logitech Illuminated Keyboard is one of the best desktop keyboards we've ever tested. So is the Logitech DiNovo Keyboard for Notebooks. Wait a minute. What's a Keyboard for Notebooks -- that's what it says on the box -- doing on a desktop?
Read full review at HardwareCentral
February 2009

Logitech Illuminated Keyboard

Pros: Ultra-thin design, excellent key layout, adjustable key backlighting, near-silent operation, comfortable
Cons: Not wireless, a little expensive, lack of Fn key on the left side of the keyboard
Verdict: Logitech's Illuminated Keyboard features backlit keys, an ultra-thin design and the PerfectStroke key system. Although it's not wireless, it is one of the better keyboards on the market.
Read full review at pcworld.idg.com.au
February 2009

Illuminated keyboard from Logitech

Verdict: Logitech Illuminated Keyboard provides precise illumination that can be adjusted to suit your needs.
Read full review at Music Recording reviews
January 2009
Music Recording reviews

Logitech Illuminated Keyboard review

Pros: Great typing action, very comfortable to use, backlighting adjustable
Cons: Not much
Verdict: Your keyboard and mouse are the parts of your PC that you spend most of the time in contact with, so it's worth seeking out the solution to make your computer time, be it work or leisure, as comfortable and productive as possible. But does the backlit keyboard from Logitech appeal?
Read full review at Pocket Lint
November 2008
Pocket Lint

Logitech Illuminated Keyboard

Pros: Thin and small profile, Good key travel, Bright back-light; virtually no light leakage, 4 step back-light brightness control, 3-year limited hardware warranty
Cons: DEL and INS buttons are too small, No integrated USB hub, Awkward height on bottom row of keys, Excessive USB power consumption, No button to increase light intensity, Caps, Num, Scroll Lock LEDs hidden below numpad, Cannot adjust keyboard feet height
Verdict: The Logitech Illuminated Keyboard is quite simply a pleasure to use, even with its high $80 price-point. The features it brings to the table are worth the cost and give you a great functional keyboard design that is streamlined for use in both gaming and office environments, day and night.
Read full review at Everything USB
October 2008
Everything USB

Logitech Illuminated Keyboard review Review

Pros: Comfortable, Minimalist design, Convenient backlit keys, Strong tactile feedback, Easy to install
Cons: Lacks wireless support, No USB ports, Fixed wrist pad attracts fingerprints
Verdict: The Logitech Illuminated Keyboard is about as simple as it gets, so you get no built-in USB ports, scroll dials or any of the other features in more expensive devices, which isn't a tragedy except for the lack of wireless support, which would have matched the keyboard's minimalist design.
Read full review at CNET
October 2008

Review: Logitech Illuminated Keyboard

Verdict: O ne of Logitech's newest products is the Illuminated Keyboard. It is a thin, stylish product that has Logitech has been working towards for some time. We first started seeing products like this ?backlit with notebook style keys?some time ago but larger companies have generally restricted notebook...
Read full review at Geek.com
September 2008

Logitech Illuminated Keyboard

Pros: crisp and quiet keystrokes; subtle LED lights; hot keys coupled with useful software; quality feel
Cons: Needs more height adjustment
Verdict: Logitech's new, ultra-slim Illuminated Keyboard might be just the ticket to bring some flavor to your desk.
Read full review at Digitaltrends
September 2008

Logitech Illuminated Keyboard Review

Verdict: I think that the Logitech Illuminated keyboard is an excellent, comfortable, keyboard. The PerfectStroke Key System has good mechanical properties and is comfortable to use in general.
Read full review at ubergizmo.com
September 2008

Verdict: this is the best keyboard i have ever bought,anyone buying this will not be sorry,i highly recommend,i love the way it lights up when your fingers go near the keys,its magic lol,its a pleasure to type on this keypad,go on treat yourselves you won't regret it,it looks great too
Read full review at woolworths.co.uk
June 2014

This keyboard makes me feel classy!

Pros: Easy to Use, Quality, Comfortable, compatible
Cons: Pricey/Poor Value
Verdict: Seriously, I feel like acting more professional when I use this keyboard. It's so quiet and comfortable to use, and it looks gorgeous in light or dark conditions. The only thing that would improve it would be to add a few colors other than plain white.
Read full review at reviews.officedepot.com
May 2014

Awesome..happy happy ..happy !!!

Pros: Back Lit, Great Features, Logitech Quality, Reliable Performance
Cons: Volume Controls
Verdict: i couldn't be happier with this purchase !!! the back lit keys are sweeeeet!! until you have them, you don't know what you've been missing out on ! i like playing world of warcraft in a dark room, and now i can see what i'm doing without having a light on behind me...
Read full review at B&H Photo
April 2014
B&H Photo

"Excellent buy, delivered quickly and well packaged"

Verdict: The Logitech K800 keyboard is a great piece of kit to install and use. It took 4 days from order to delivery (within Aus) and was received well packaged. An excellent buy that was well below retail cost for the same item. Well done MA.
Read full review at Mighty Ape
September 2013
Mighty Ape

Excellent keyboard

Verdict: I was looking for a wireless, preferably backlit, keyboard. This fit both my criteria, so I took a chance on the above average price and I'm glad I did. The light strength is customizable and evenly distributed across all keys. It has multimedia options.
Read full review at Circuit City
June 2013
Circuit City

Pros: Quiet and short stroke and responsive keystroke. Aesthetics pleasing to the eye - level adustable white backlit. Excellent layout and functionality for multi-purpose use. Soft surface Palm rest.
Cons: Could ask for the palm rest area to be an inch longer to better serve for its purpose
Verdict: Excellent choice for buyers who likes to have backlit quality keyboard. It's reliable and feature packed from keyboard itself to reputable logitech software support.
Read full review at NCIX.com
March 2013

No Num Keypad In The Keyboard.

Verdict: it's a small keyboard. there is no number pad in this keyboard. the buttons are very soft can be compared to the laptop keyboard.
Read full review at reviews42.com
March 2013


Verdict: I was very sceptical about this keyboard. I've been using Logitech for years and had my favourite which I was lucky enough to replace a few years ago. My son mentioned he was thinking of getting one of these so I decided to get one too. I am delighted with it. Everything about it is right.
Read full review at Amazon
February 2013

Not the keyboard I was expecting

Verdict: This keyboard is a dismantlement for me. Key quality is really low! Especially big buttons like Enter. Also, what is the most important thing, I don't want to type on it, since buttons feels cheap, really cheap. I can go on and go on.
Read full review at Logitech
January 2013

Love it

Verdict: I got this for my dad who's eyesight is poor, I liked the action of the keyboard so I got one for myself too. There's a wireless model available in the stores but I'd rather not mess around with any more batteries if I don't have to.
Read full review at amazon.ca
January 2013

Re-Furb wasn't Furbed

Pros: The backlit keyboard is an attractive product with sleek lines and well-designed look and feel
Cons: The item was a refurb but it wasn't checked for problems before it shipped
Verdict: It arrived with Alkaline batteries which isn't correct. Since this keyboard is rechargeable, it is supposed to have ni-cad batteries. The batteries had to be replaced immediately so that the unit could charge.
Read full review at Newegg
January 2013

Verdict: "Lo he comprado para regalar porque nos acabamos acostumbrando a los horribles teclados que vienen con el pc cuando lo compras. Una pena que estén retirando los productos con cable para depender de una pila cuando no lo necesitas.
Read full review at xtremmedia.com
December 2012

Great Product / Terrible Key Layout

Verdict: I've had this keyboard for over a year and I've finally realized why I've struggled to get comfortable with it. On a standard keyboard, the number line above your standard QWERTY is shifted further to the left than it is on this keyboard. The "1" key is almost directly above the "Q.
Read full review at reviews.logitech.com
November 2012

Great keyboard -- but overpriced here

Pros: Comfortable Design, Fast Response, Great Features
Cons: Overpriced
Verdict: This is an excellent, top of the line keyboard; however, Radio Shack's price is quite a bit too high!
Read full review at Radioshack
November 2012

Great buy

Verdict: Only had this keyboard a short time but absolutely delighted with ease of use and features.
Read full review at Dick Smith
November 2012
Dick Smith

It's a great product and the illumination is great.

Verdict: It's a great product. I wish the space bar would be a little higher, that is protrude more from the rest of the keys for better touch feeling.
Read full review at Ebay
October 2012

The best keyboard I've ever used.

Verdict: For discerning users who care a great deal about the peripherals they use, choosing a keyboard boils down to feel and preference.  I'm a fan of low profile keys (laptop-style) because of their sound and feel - I always feel like I'm typing faster on that style of keyboard - so the Logitech...
Read full review at viewpoints
October 2012

Logitech Wireless Illuminated Keyboard K800

Verdict: Mine eventually arrived, and wow, was it worth the wait! The illumination of the keys is great an..
Read full review at Sybaritic
September 2012
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