GoPro Hero5 Black
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GoPro HERO5 Black CHDHX-501
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GoPro HERO 5 Black
GoPro Hero 5 Black CHDHX-501
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GoPro Hero5 Black
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GoPro Hero5 Black
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GoPro Hero5 - Black CHDHX-501
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GoPro HERO5 Black
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GoPro: HERO5 Black
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GoPro Hero5 Black
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GoPro Hero 5 Black
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GoPro HERO5 Black Edition
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Product Description

No more bulky plastic shells to protect your GoPro Hero under water. Hero 5 Black is a waterproof action camera down to 10 metres depth. 

One of the really cool features is the ability to control the camera using voice commands. For example, you can start and stop the camera using your voice. Tagging the photo or recording using a simple voice command is also possible.

GoPro Hero 5 Black records in 4K format at 30 fps.

Product Specifications

  • Resolution
    12 MP
    Top 20%
Product info

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